USAMU Paralympic Section

The USAMUís ground-breaking Paralympic Section is comprised with Army Wounded Warriors who showcase the Army in support of Army recruiting and accessions and help raise the standard of the Armyís marksmanship proficiency.†The Paralympic Section displays the best of Army Soldier skills through national and international Paralympic competition, which generates positive Army impressions and enables these select US Army Soldiers to demonstrate to notion of ability rather than disability.†The USAMUís Paralympic Section is comprised of the absolute best shooters, marksmanship instructors and Soldiers in the world; the Army expects it.†

The USAMU is seeking to hire select Army Wounded Warriors to showcase the Army as Paralympians and exhibit the notion of “Army Strong.”  Positions are limited and the ability to completely master the training will be required.  The USAMU Paralympic international rifle or international pistol competitor positions will require a strong desire to represent the United States in international shooting competitions and 5-6 hour days on the range in a competitive marksmanship environment, to include many weekends. Showcasing the Army as a Paralympian also requires an ability to maintain intense concentration for long periods of time, and high levels of self-discipline, self-motivation, and initiative.  Soldiers will interact with a diverse body of international competitors, both military and civilian.  They must also be able to perform basic computer skills and possess the capability to plan, resource, and execute multiple days of travel as a team member, both CONUS and OCONUS.

Additionally, as a member of the USAMU and an Army Ambassador, you must be willing to interact with the American public, share you own unique Army story, and inform America's youth of the options, opportunities, education, and leadership benefits available through service in the US Army.

If you would like to be a part of the unique history of the “Home of Champions,” play a vital role in raising the Army’s combat readiness, and showcase the Army as an Army Ambassador, the US Army Marksmanship Unit may be the right place for you.

To be considered for the USAMU’s Paralympic Section, applicants must meet the following requirements:


- Must be classified as Continue on Active Duty (COAD)

- Have a minimum of three years retain-ability

- Accept long-term assignment stabilization

- Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran

- Purple Heart recipient

- Combat Arms MOS

- Meet International Paralympic Committee classification eligibility:

To request more information, contatct SFC Daniel Peters, at (706)-545-3853


Instructor Training Group

The USAMU mission statement is to “Increase the enduring capability and capacity within the USAMU to enhance the Army’s recruiting effort, raise the standard of the Army’s marksmanship proficiency, and support the Army’s small arms research and development initiatives in order to raise the Army’s overall combat readiness.” Throughout the year, in support of this mission the USAMU trains the force in the Squad Designated Marksman and Close Quarters Marksmanship courses in concert with Mobil Training Teams (MTT’s) across the country and abroad.

In 2012 the Secretary of the Army authorized the establishment of the Wounded Warrior Training Group within the USAMU.

These soldiers serve as the primary instructors for these classes.

To be considered for the USAMU’s Wounded Warrior Instructor Training Group, applicants must meet the following requirements:


- Are a PFC through SFC

- Have the physical ability to remain on a firing range for up to 8 hours a day throughout a 2 week course

- Enjoy training soldiers

- Can plan, resource and execute training / travel plans

- Can exemplify the Be, Know, Do of Marksmanship and its instruction

If you are interested in seeking an assignment to the USAMU Wounded Warrior Training Group please follow this application process.


To request more information, contact SFC Nicole Allaire, S-3 Training NCO at



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