CQSDM Training

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Close Quarters Squad Designated Marksmanship Course (CQSDM) is a 10 day training program which focuses on addressing the Soldier’s need to rapidly and accurately engage targets at 10-500 yards under normal conditions. The course addresses 2 major marksmanship skills; rifle and pistol marksmanship as it applies to an urban environment and long range precision rifle marksmanship. When given the ability to master these skills, Soldiers will become proficient at engaging the enemy in every combat scenario and distance faced in the ever changing areas of operations. The program focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship and progresses to rapid and accurate target engagements employing both the individual rifle and pistol. The skills that a Soldier can expect to learn include but are not limited to:

  • Fundamentals ( sight picture, sight alignment, trigger control…)
  • Effects of the environment (wind and weather)
  • Understanding ballistics at close range and distance
  • Zeroing techniques and sight familiarization
  • Weapons and equipment set up
  • Individual immediate action drills (malfunctions, transitions, etc.)
  • Rapid and effective manipulation of individual weapon system for reloads and positioning
  • Supported and unsupported position shooting
  • Shooting limited exposure and moving targets from 200-500 yards
  • Single and multiple target engagements
  • Shooting on the move from close to intermediate ranges
  • Effective employment of barricades
  • Pistol marksmanship as it applies to CQM
  • Transition from the rifle to the pistol (primary to alternate weapon)
  • Shooters will learn how to analyze/self critique their performance in order to identify areas for self improvement
  • Instructional techniques for marksmanship


The course culminates with a 3 day evaluation. This evaluation is mirrored from our All Army Championships, the premier combat marksmanship competition in the military. Soldiers will be evaluated and compete in long range precision combat marksmanship, multi-gun close quarters combat marksmanship, and combat pistol marksmanship. Soldiers will be given all of the instructional materials and courses of fire so that they can teach their own courses at their parent unit.

Firing for this course will be conducted on the Army Marksmanship Unit’s range complex. The shooting will be spread over three ranges. Our Known Distance Range (Easley range), our Close Quarters Range (Krilling Range), and our multi use flat range (Parks Range).


Close Quarters Marksmanship Intent:  

The intent of the Close Quarters Marksmanship portion of the course is to provide the Soldier with all instruction necessary to be able to effectively and accurately engage multiple targets while stationary, utilizing barricades for cover or support, and/or moving from 5-150 yards. The Soldier will be given the tools necessary to master and instruct close quarters marksmanship with both the combat rifle and pistol utilizing standard equipment and ammunition.

Squad Designated Marksmanship Intent:

The intent of Squad Designated Marksmanship portion of the course is to provide the Soldier with all of the instruction necessary to be able to effectively and accurately engage stationary, limited time exposure, and/or moving targets from various positions at ranges of 100-600 yards. The Soldier will be given the tools necessary to master and instruct long range precision marksmanship with the combat rifle utilizing standard equipment and ammunition.


(1)  Soldiers must be an E-5 or above, or an E-4 in a leadership position. Soldiers wishing to attend below E-4 commander’s approval will need to be sent to S-3.

(2)  Coordinate with USAMU S-3 (706) 545-7174 to request a seat with the Soldier’s full name, rank, SSN, MOS, specific unit, unit POC name and phone number. 

(3)  Sending unit will fund all TDY.  The USAMU will not be responsible for any incurred expenses.



  1. Soldiers that are attending will bring their assigned weapon system with optics. The USAMU has limited weapon systems that it can provide. These weapons will be requested during initial enrollment. No one will be allowed in the class without providing their own weapon system once all weapons have been issued.
  2. Soldiers will need a M16A4 or M4 with day optic. The preferred optic is the ACOG. Soldiers that bring M68, EOTECH, and other “dot” optics will expect a training hurdle as these optics are difficult at 400 yards and beyond, due to the size of the aiming point in relation to the target.
  3. Soldiers are encouraged to bring a M9 pistol. The USAMU has pistols that may be used.


(a) ACUs for two weeks of training
(b) Wet & cold weather gear (as needed)
(c) Prescription glasses and/or contact lenses
(d) ID card & ID tags
(e) Load Bearing Vest set up in accordance with their internal unit SOPs. To include canteens or camelback
(f)  6 M16 magazines and 4 M9 magazines
(g) Tactical sling
(h) M9 Holster
(i)  Kevlar helmet
(j)  EYE PROTECTION and ear protection
(k) Appropriate weapons cleaning kit


(1)  USAMU Headquarters is BLDG 243, address:  7031 Bills St, Ft Benning, Ga 31905. Students will report to unit Staff Duty upon arrival to Fort Benning to secure weapons. Students will report the first day to USAMU HQs at 0700 in the battalion classroom. The battalion classroom is located at the top of the stairs, go right to the end of the hallway. You will need all of your equipment. Soldiers attending will need to bring daily lunches. Training will not be stopped for extended lunch times. Lunch breaks will be provided.

(2) Arms that are brought to the course can be stored at BLDG 243 under the supervision of the Unit Staff Duty NCO. Staff Duty phone number is 706-545-1272 and SDO cell is 877-837-7924. Weapons will be stored in the Arms Room during the course. Co-ordinations for weapons pick up will be made at the start of the course for students varying departure times. 

(3)  Each students unit is responsible for lodging, per diem and personal transportation.  Transportation to and from the range with government weapons will be provided by USAMU.  On post billeting office (Olsen Hall) phone number is 706 689 0067 ext 4701.


Call or email SFC Michael Buss, S-3 Current Operations NCOIC, at 706-545-7174/DSN 835-7174 or michael.buss@usaac.army.mil, to learn more about how you can take advantage of this highly effective, modular, and flexible approach to meeting your training objectives.



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