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About Us


  • Meet the Army's manpower and readiness requirements and standards.
  • Imbue Future Soldiers with a warrior and winning spirit
  • Ensure these young Americans are ready for the rigors of initial entry training.


  • Provides a seamless transition from volunteer to soldier.
  • Improves readiness for the legacy, interim, and objective force.
  • Ensures the force gets the right soldier at the right time, in the right place, with all the right competencies.
  • Provides integrated strategy and process for recruitment of officers, warrant officers, and enlisted and thereby enhances Army recruitment efforts. .
  • Integrates strategic outreach in order to improve connection with America.
  • Enables reengineering of the disparate accessions information systems to provide increased flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Ensures standard quality measures across military training facilities.
  • Enables integrated accessions research to support innovative solutions and help manage change.
  • Enables and promotes rapid transformation.

Readiness & Standards:

"From First Handshake to First Unit Assigned"
Designed to Integrate the Process
A Seamless Transition from Contact to First Unit Assigned

  • Soldiers/leaders graduating from training who are immediately able to contribute to the success of their unit.
  • Soldiers of character and competence, inculated with Army values, imbued with the warrior spirit, persuasive in peace, and invincible in war.
  • Ensures the force gets the right soldier at the right time, in the right place, with all the right competencies.

Organizational Chart:

Major Subordinate Organizations:

United States Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, KY 
United States Army Cadet Command, Fort Monroe, VA
Accessions Support Brigade, Fort Knox, KY

USAAC Contacts:

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